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Let's capture your story

Many couples have already entrusted me to photograph their wedding. I know how important it is to get along: you want your photographer to be someone you like and maybe even love to be around. Cause honestly? I will hunt you down and shoot you. All day. And hey, that’s okay. Because I’m your photographer, so I have your permission to do so. So please, please, please book yourself a friendly professional stalker whom you feel completely at ease with. Someone who will make your day even better! 

And please pick me! Because I will gladly bring you champagne when the crowd feels overwhelming and you need to take a little breather. I promise to check for salad stuck between your teeth before you welcome your guests. I want to capture your most beautiful day as spontaneously as possible: from the smallest details to the biggest moments. But, I will also gladly put my camera aside for a second when you’re fed up with the constant clicking. 

Let me help you set out this day to be an unforgettable one. But let’s get to know each other a little bit before we do so. Let’s see if we make a good match.   

You are more than welcome at my home, but we can also greet each other digitally!

Let's sip some virtual tea!



Eline & Jeroen

“We are extremely happy with our collaboration with Hilde. She still puts a smile on our face every time we flip through pictures of our wedding day. The images are as pure and real as our day was. The album is magnificent.”

“Hilde also photographed our first child and at that time I was so happy to be able to work with her again. It is extremely important to feel comfortable during shoots like that, and with Hilde I always am. 

“The passion she has for her work shines through and the possibilities are endless!”

•    •    •

Amily & Nils 

“We both had quite some nerves to pose in front of a professional camera ... We felt especially jittery to kiss and hold each other ... We were mainly afraid that the result would look unnatural. But we could not have been further from the truth! 

As a couple, Hilde puts you completely at ease. She chooses a nice spot, gives you an assignment (whispering something sweet to each other, for example), disappears in the background and creates a very loving atmosphere. And she knows how to photograph that atmosphere, that moment like no other. ” “We couldn't have wished for a better photographer to translate the best day of our lives into pictures. We are very grateful for that. ”

•    •    •

Anne & Pieter-Jan

“We felt a little jumpy for the photoshoot on our wedding day, because that’s not something we’re used to. But thanks to Hilde, the shoot became one of the nicest - most intimate - moments of the day. She made sure we felt completely alone: it felt like it was just the two of us. Which is priceless during such a busy day to be honest. 

She went above and beyond to provide us with fantastic images. We also liked the fact that she took initiative when necessary and even managed to orchestrate little moments during the hustle and bustle of the day (for example for the group photo and those few obligatory family portraits) while we were not even aware of the fact that we were ‘posing’!” “Time flies, and it's always fun with Hilde by your side. 

She has a very disarming and beautiful personality and blends in easily. Moreover, she was very popular with our entourage, parents and in-laws. On the day itself, she already provided us with a preview of our pictures, so that we could immediately share some. In addition to the experience itself, the photos were really beautiful. Hilde has managed to capture the atmosphere of our day in an inimitable way. We still receive many questions about our photographs and have recommended Hilde several times to friends and family. ”


The investment

Every wedding is different and every marriage is unique. Which is exactly why I work with custom packages. Prices start at 1500 euros for 6 Hours of photography. 

Please get in touch for the full brochure!

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